The Angle Wings Cross Bracelet


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Material: Acrylic | Length: Adjustable | Color: Multicolor

The cross means looking forward to the blessing of Jesus, which is a kind of belief of man. Christians think it has meanings such as "salvation", "salvation", "faith", and "gospel". In ancient Babylon, the meaning of cross necklace has many mysterious meanings. The cross is like a symbol that represents the sun god and forms the sun wheel with another circle.
If a boy gives a girl a cross bracelet, it often means that you can give everything for a woman, and you will only love one girl in your life. If you repent or have mercy on this girl, you will be punished by God. Conversely, if a girl gives a boy, it often means that a girl can give a boy the most sacred love, and it also means that only a boy will be loved in this life. Life. Love tokens and beautiful love tokens.

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