The Gem Gravel Drift Bottle


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Material: Cristal Blanco | Length: 4.5 cm | Color: As shown

Red jasper is best placed on the root chakra. It enables you to use your energy wisely and take a stern but friendly attitude towards those who consume your energy. It increases endurance and overall happiness.

Due to its balancing ability, golden topaz is very suitable for the sacral chakra. It can help you find a pleasant medium between dependence and independence. It removes doubts, improves self-esteem, and encourages you to love freely.

Red agate is an excellent choice for the solar plexus because it can help you overcome any recent troughs and learn from the troughs of life. It opens up your inner strength and shows you what you can achieve if you use willpower.

Aventurine is full of compassion, which makes it a perfect choice for the heart chakra. It draws a clear line between empathy and responsibility. Gives a sense of harmony with nature.

Lapis Lazuli enables you to express your ideas clearly and creatively. It can instill a state of flow and take your attention to the next level. When you can express your inner self outwardly with the utmost confidence, everything is possible.

Third eye
Amethyst can come into contact with higher entities to establish the qualities of psychic and clairvoyance. It enables you to grasp a larger picture and visualize clear images. When the third eye opens, prepare for a sharp rise in intuition.

Clear Quartz is the panacea for controlling and regulating the flow of energy through all chakras from the top. It heals and inspires the body, combining it with the mind and spirit. With the help of transparent quartz to activate the wisdom of the crown chakra, you can realize the craziest fantasy.

Harmony the chakras.

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