The obsidian double pi xiu necklace


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Material: Agate | Length: Adjustable | Color: Multicolour

Pixiu (also known as Pixiu or Pixiu) is called "God of Wealth" in Chinese mythology. As a prosperous being, he is destined to become his master.
Obsidian signifies peace, as ancient people often wore obsidian as amulets and blessings of peace. In addition, obsidian also signifies eternal health and happiness, as obsidian is called a jewel that never cries, when obsidian is given to lovers, it means to hope that the other party will always be happy and happy.
The Pingan Buckle is a traditional Chinese jade jewel. By its appearance, it is elegant and flexible. It conforms to the "average of the average" in traditional Chinese culture. It was called "bi" in ancient times and has the effect of nourishing and protecting the body. In modern times, it is often a gift between lovers, relatives, and friends, in the sense of peace.

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